Sound System

Nobody wants to walk into a beautiful wedding to be met with annoying speaker feedback and poor quality audio experience. It will definitely spoil the ambiance of the whole event.

We provide the high quality sound system rental equipped with experienced technical crews to ensure optimal audio experience throughout your event.

From our performance experiences, most hotels do not provide sound system that supports live band performance, but only basic PA system can be used for speech. While most of the restaurants only have karaoke system that also not compatible for live band performance, except HGH, Noble Banquet, Oriental Banquet, Kepong Sin Choi Wah, PJ The Club, Klang Centro Grand Ballroom and Banker’s Club. However, other than HGH and Klang Centro Grand Ballroom, the quality of these sound system is rather poor, incomplete and not ideal for live band performance. Therefore we always recommend to our clients to get the high quality sound system from us with minimal charges packaged with our live band, and not just compromising your event with the poor quality audio system.

Our professional technical crews will directly deal with the hotel managements on the loading unloading, setting up and tearing down of the sound system equipment, so you will have peace of mind on these arrangements.

For those who have special requests for their event, eg. having saxophonist or violinist march in with the wedding couples (requires wireless clip-on microphones), let us know during your inquiry. We have the appropriate equipment to fulfill your specific requests.


Professional sound system to support live band

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